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We love variety, colour and texture but sometimes you just want to go classic! Classic can be cool.

Ancol make fabulous classic collars and leads using traditional craftsmanship at surprisingly reasonable prices (starting at just £3.50!) and they are made right here in the UK. Each collar and lead is made of quality leather which softens and improves over time . We particularly love the classic red collar.



and the luxurious vintage chestnut padded collars.



With matching leads available for both collars why not treat your dog, they are worth it!





The Legal Beagle -Dogs and ID Tags -The Law in Brief



  • It is a legal requirement for every dog while out on the street or in public places such as parks, town centres etc. to wear a collar with the name and the address of the owner upon it or on an attached plate or badge. This law was introduced under The Control of Dogs Order 1992.
  • If you fail to comply and are prosecuted on conviction you could be fined up to £5000.
  • Further if your dog is lost without a tag and not otherwise identifiable by tattoo or microchip then your dog could be seized as a stray under S149 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 you would be responsible for any kennelling fees, vets bills and a further prescribed fee before being able to retrieve your dog.
Please note the Legal Beagle is intended to be informative but does not constitute legal advice.

Next week :The Introduction of Compulsory Microchipping in England

Meet Dolly the Doodle …..

Dolly has been trying out one of Red Dingo’s New Star Design collars and leads. Doesn’t she look a little star? She is also cleverly pointing out these will go through the washer and come out like new if she should get a bit mucky on her next adventure!

Photo: The beautiful labradoodle Dolly wearing one of our Red Dingo collars with a matching lead!







Dolly 1

This is Dolly who is from Nantwich in Cheshire and she is proud to be one of Dog Destination Panel dogs who will be giving us feedback on our products from time to time. Dolly is a 13 month old small but mighty Miniature Labradoodle.

Her favourite toys are anything that can be chewed and destroyed then left all over the floor

Her bad habits including eating empty loo rolls ( not recommended!) mud rolling and sofa hogging

Her favourite habits include mud rolling and chewing ( basically all her bad habits)

Dolly loves playing, playing and playing and cuddles with Mummy on sofa ( as she is not allowed on the chair!)

Watch this space as we will be reporting back on how Dolly did with some of our favourite toys ………………

Dog Destination loves ………

DD Logo

….Danish Designs  beds and coats  because they are  beautifully designed but also have a strong focus on quality and practicality. The majority of their beds are machine washable  and they they even sell spare covers for their duvets. They have developed a wide range of stylish but practical coats from the sophisticated tweed to the brilliant 2 in 1coat.

Tivoli Snuggle BedBobble Soft Pewter Luxury Deep Filled DuvetHeritage Houndstooth Box Duvet2 in 1 LR Dog Coat Purple Red




When we first came across their products in Harrogate in 2013 we were really impressed with the colour, texture and finish but wondered whether they would stand the test of an average mucky dog who likes to pull and get into general mischief or would be better on a dog that doesn’t do walks?!! So we thought how better to test these products but to try it on one of our own rescue dogs, George. George is a mixed breed who weighs 20kg and can pull, he also likes to get muddy at every opportunity  and roams in and out of bushes when he gets the chance. We are happy to report that notwithstanding some considerable pulling and 3 trips through the washing machine our Oscar and Hooch Collar and Lead is looking as good as the day we put it on him. The fittings are shiny and the collar has performed remarkably well on what is a strong dog.

When we set up Dog Destination we wanted to sell stylish yet practical products and we think Oscar and Hooch should get full marks for their range of leads and collars!! We can’t wait to offer their new colours to our Dog Destination customers.