ID Tags for Birmingham Dogs Home – OFFER EXTENDED

Buy an ID Tag for your dog and choose from these great designs and pay just £6.75 including delivery and engraving and receive your tag in typically 3 days!!!  We believe these are the best quality tags on the market and while these will help keep you dog safe and look stylish you will also be helping less fortunate dogs. 25p from the sale of each of these tags is going to be donated to Birmingham Dogs Home until September 2014.

Choose from these great designs in 3 sizes and many in  a choice of 11 colours!

These normally cost up to £10 each so please buy a tag grab yourself a bargain and help the very worthy Birmingham Dogs Home who help around 4500 stray and abandoned dogs each year.


HOL-EE lot of fun!!


We are happy to announce we now stock a range of brilliant JW toys at great prices, clever toys that last! From the classic Hol-ee Roller to the brilliant Treat Pods and Crackle Balls we are sure you will find a toy to keep them entertained.

hol-eecrackle ball

In creating the Hol-ee Roller (above left) JW studied the shape of a carbon molecule, its similarity to the geodesic dome and imagined that as a totally out-of-this-earth, fun dog toy and invented the popular Hol-ee Roller.  It’s a stretchy, virtually indestructible fetch, chew, tug and treat toy. Then they considered the love that dogs have of plastic water bottles and invented the Crackle range and  (above right) the brilliant Crackle Head Ball that is a robust rubber ball with a inner ball made of water bottle material, it will entertain your dog for hours.

Taking it even further JW have launched a great range of fully Interactive Toys


The Hol-ee Roller Treat Ball  (above right) is great it  Rolls, Slides, Rotates and out come the TREATS! A Playful Learning Activity.

The Hol-ee Rockin Ball  (above left) , it Rocks, Rolls, Slides and out come the TREATS!  Tough Nylon Frame. Made for rugged play. Dog-Tested for long-term play!

The Treat Pods (above centre) will keep your dog fascinated for hours as your dog will have to learn to manipulate the pods and out come the TREATS! Quiet Playful Learning. Insert treats or peanut butter.


NEW TAGS added to Help Raise Money for BDH

We have added these 2 brilliant additional 2 tags designs to our fundraiser for BDH. (see below)They will be discounted until the end of May to Just £6.75 and 25p from the sale of each of these tags along with the other 4  tags designs Comic Bone, Comic Dog, Paw Print and Daisy will go to BIRMINGHAM DOGS HOME!!

The new Glitter Heart is available in 7 colours and the Soccer Ball is ideal with the World Cup around the corner. What ever size or colour you choose the price is the same and it includes free delivery and engraving ( usually within 3 working days)

These are far and away in our view the best quality tags around and much better than other  types that are more expensive that can be found on High Street.




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Dog Destination loves Chuckit!

It’s the perfect time to get outside and get some exercise and have fun with your dog. Our dog loves toys but finding toys that are fun and good quality can be difficult. Chuckit! toys really are top quality and dogs loves them. Even better, did you know that our prices are less than the RRP making us one of the cheapest suppliers on the internet!!!.

If your dog is a water baby then they will love the buoyant and highly visible Bumper or Boomerang but if they love to chase then the Chuck it Ball launchers are really sturdy and powerful and the balls are the best on the market ,they are not like some other cheaper tennis balls sold for dogs which seem to disintegrate. Or try the Zipflight or Fetch Wheel, your dog will love chasing these and they have soft rubber edges than won’t hurt your dog!

If you have a tug  of war fan then look no further!! Our dog has been playing with an Ultra Tug for over 4 weeks and has yet to damage it!  No mean achievement for our little rescue Staffy!!!We like it because it is lightweight and washable too so it does not weigh your pocket down. If you have 2 dogs that like tug then we have the Ultra Tug Duo!!

We love Chuckit! Try one your dog will love Chuckit! too!

chuck it lou chuck small fetch wheel zipflight      2014-03-10 11.28.55-2 2014-03-24 10.12.44 HDR 2014-03-24 10.11.30 2014-03-24 10.11.58 HDR 2014-03-10 11.34.27_edited-1

MAY MADNESS – Discounted Red Dingo ID Tags

HELP US RAISE MONEY FOR BIRMINGHAM DOGS HOME!!!! Until Midnight 31 May we are selling our 4 best selling Red DIngo Tags for just £6.75 each whatever size  or colour you choose and P&P and engraving is included free! These normally range from £7.50 to £10.00!!! These really are the best quality Dog Tags on the Market and each design comes in 11 colours!!

12 months ago this weekend we rescued the Dog Destination dog from Birmingham Dogs Home and she has proved to be a brilliant and much loved member of the family. To say thank you to Birmingham Dogs Home and to help them continue their brilliant work we will donate 25p for each of these tags sold in May to Birmingham Dogs Home.

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The Leagle Beagle – Dog Control Orders – Reasonable or Ridiculous?!


Dog Control Orders – Reasonable or Ridiculous?

It had been my intention to write this edition of my blog about animal welfare law. However, recent coverage in the press and on Radio 2 peaked my interest into another matter. There has been some controversy about professional dog walkers in London. Apparently some professional walkers are  walking up to 10 dogs each and have been accused of intimidating other dog walkers in the parks. This in turn has also allegedly created fear about possible pack driven dog attacks. In this context there has been some debate about how, when and how many dogs should be allowed into our public parks?

The truth is this is not a new issue and legislation was introduced in 2005 to give local authorities powers to control where and how dogs are exercised in publically accessible areas.

Local Authorities have had the ability since 2005 to create Dog Control Orders in areas that are publically accessible such as parks. It is not a power restricted solely to land owned by the local authority, the land just needs to be accessible and open to the public. The Clean Air and Environment Act 2005 provided that orders could be created that ;

  • Controlled dog fouling
  • Required dogs to be kept on the lead when directed
  • Required dogs to be kept on the lead at all times
  • Specified the maximum number of dogs that would be permitted onto such land

The orders specify a sanction for non-compliance which is by way of a fixed penalty notice and a fine of at least £75, although it can be more. Failure to discharge the fixed penalty notice can lead to prosecution and a heftier fine.

These powers have largely been exercised by local authorities in a proportionate and reasonable way. Your own Legal Beagle has drafted a number of these over the years. To a large extent they have been fairly uncontroversial because the approach taken has been sensible. For example, the majority of responsible dog owners would accept that a prohibition of dogs in an animal petting farm for example would not be inappropriate or a requirement to keep dogs on the lead near a dangerous stretch of highway. Further, responsible dog owners are not going to object to controls in respect of dog fouling. After all dog fouling can ruin the environment for everyone and it is well documented that dog faeces can be dangerous for children. Sadly the irresponsible few continue to tarnish the view of dog owners by the majority.

So, would it be reasonable to restrict the number of dogs an individual can walk in a public place at any given time? There must be some argument to say that even the most experienced dog walker would physically struggle to control 10 dogs, even on leads. Therefore, perhaps it would not be unreasonable to restrict the amount any individual can be responsible for in a public place, but to how many? Oxford has done this and specified the number as 4, as had Birmingham City Council more recently.

Even more controversial though, how about the argument then that dogs should be banned from some public parks altogether? Given that the majority of local authorities have orders in place prohibiting dogs from play areas and land used for education, any decision to ban all dogs from parks just because children use some part of the park would seem perverse and disproportionate.

There is definitely a group within our society who have root and branch opposition towards dogs and would probably like to see them removed from all our parks and public spaces. Thankfully, I think this is unlikely to happen, the law has been applied sensibly to date.  It is also comforting to know that local authorities have to act reasonably and have to consult when they wish to make these orders . This gives those affected the opportunity to make representations or canvass their local councillor to do so on their behalf.


Dog Destination loves ….. “Teach Your Child to Speak Dog!”

Dog Destination loves ….. “Teach Your Child to Speak Dog!”

blue cross        blueecross 2     bluecross3

( Images from resources of

As a parent and dog owner you want to ensure that your child and dog get on. To most dog owning  parents you naturally teach your child how to behave around and read your own dog  and other dogs they may not have met before.

However, I am sure many of you will have had the awful experience, while walking your dog, that a child sees your dog and starts to shriek for no reason other than because they are “frightened of dogs”. This type of reaction is always worrying because, if anything, it makes the child more susceptible to a dog being startled and snapping because the animal is afraid.

Keeping children safe around dogs is in everyone’s best interests. It is always terrible to read headlines about dog attacks. However, the responsibility to keep safe is a shared one. Of course as a dog owner you must and should keep your dog under control but equally parents should educate their children on how to behave to keep them safe.

We happened upon an article about a “Speak Dog and Stay Safe Scheme” An educational programme aimed at teaching children how to stay safe around dogs. It was developed by Rosie Barclay who is the chair of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors. In Jersey this is taught to all year one pupils which we think is a superb idea.

Having looked into this matter we have found lots of free resources out there and these include ;


The Blue Dog –

The Dogs Trust – Learn with Dogs


The Blue Cross – Be Safe with Dogs –

The Dogs Trust – Learn with Dogs –


The Blue Dog –

The Blue Cross –







The Leagle Beagle – Compulsory Microchipping – The New Law


Microchipping – The New Law

From April 2016 is will be compulsory for your dog to be microchipped in England. This is already the case in other parts of UK such as Northern Ireland and is due to be compulsory in Wales from March 2015.

Calls for compulsory microchipping were supported by charities such as the Dogs Trust, the British Veterinary Association and the Blue Cross. It was considered that the introduction of a mandatory scheme would have a significant and positive welfare impact. This is not surprising when figures from The Dogs Trust Stray Dogs Survey 2013 showed that there were an enormous 111, 986 stray dogs taken in by local authorities last year alone and only 53, 610 of those were successfully reunited with their owners. Microchipping has made a difference so far with 40% of those reunions in 2013 being attributable to the dog being chipped, compared to 22% in 2012. However, clearly the more dogs that are chipped the better for everyone.

 The reason microchipping is preferred to licensing schemes or ID tags is because unlike a dog tag or a paper licence,  which can be removed or altered, the inserted microchip becomes part of the dog and is virtually impossible to tamper with.

The Dogs Trust also cite a number of other welfare benefits resulting from microchipping, including:

  • All puppies are traceable to their breeder thereby helping reduce the problem of puppy farming and lessening the incidence of infectious disease and inherited defects from  which many of these dogs suffer
  • Deterrent to dog theft
  • Allows for rapid return, meaning that local authorities are able to emphasise to the dog owners      concerned that straying is not acceptable, the intention being that this  education will lessen the likelihood of a dog straying again and reinforce  the responsibilities of the owners under the Animal Welfare Act 2006
  • Easier identification and  subsequent arrests of owners culpable of animal cruelty
  • Enables veterinary surgeons to contact dog owners for emergency procedures
  • Allows identification of  dogs in properties in emergency situations so that dogs and owners can be  moved and reunited more quickly

( The Dogs Trust 2014)

The exact details of how the compulsory scheme will be enforced, by whom and what exemptions there will be have  not yet been released. What is known at this time is that a penalty of £500 for non-compliance has been set. We will bring you more information as it becomes available.

Thankfully, people are increasingly having their dog’s microchipped voluntarily, after all the majority of us love our dogs like family and would be bereft if they were lost or stolen.

How do you get this done if you haven’t already? Well, your local vet can provide further information but it usually costs no more than £20-30  and is no more uncomfortable than a vaccination for your pet.

Alternatively, if money is a real issue, then look out for the microchipping surgeries being run by the various pet charities this year. You will be able to have your dog microchipped for free or for a small donation. See for example;

And finally please read this heart-warming true story from Birmingham Dogs Home about a Pug named Daisy!

This is the best advertisement for complying voluntarily!

Next Time – The Animal Welfare At 2006 – What you need to know!